Fracture Service

If you suspect you have a broken bone you do not need to go to the hospital. Our fracture clinic is led by highly trained doctors and experienced nurses who are available to treat your injury until your recovery. The fracture clinic  is supported by an on-site radiology service which means expert treatment without the need to visit a hospital.

Throughout your treatment the fracture team will communicate with your GP ensuring they are well informed and able to assist where necessary with your recovery.

We also conduct fracture clinics run by orthopaedic specialists Mr Peter Black, Mr Thin Hong, and Mr Sandeep Patel. We will refer you to our orthopaedic specialist clinic if your fracture or soft tissue injury is best treated by a specialist. Because we conduct these clinics in our facility patients are not inconvienced by having to travel elsewhere. 

You do not need a referral to visit us should you suspect you have a fracture injury.