On Arrival - Triage


Because we deal with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries we do not see patients according to their time of arrival.

The seriousness of your injury or illness will determine the order in which you are seen by a doctor or nurse, and to establish this order we use a process called Triage.

Triage is a term that is used to sort patients into groups according to the severity or urgency of the complaint and on arrival you will be seen by a nurse who will ask you some questions and briefly examine you. Following this you will be assigned a triage code.

The Triage Code system we use is based on the following criteria:

  • Triage 1 - Life threatening conditions
  • Triage 2 - Seriously ill patients that are considered emergency
  • Triage 3 - Patients who are seriously ill but stable
  • Triage 4/5 - Patients with minor injuries or illnesses and not in immediate danger

It is understandable that you may be worried or have some anxiety about your condition and we do apologise if sometimes the wait times may be extended. Please be assured that we are doing everything to ensure you are comfortable and that we will see you as quickly as possible.

We post the forecasted waiting time for non-urgent cases in the waiting room for all patients to see and we strive to keep waiting times to a minimum, but sometimes there is very little that can be done to minimise the wait. All our staff work very hard to make sure that each patient is seen promptly and receives appropriate care.